Chess sets come in all kinds of colors and styles

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The thing about chess is it has been around for a very long time and in that time has been created many different was.  There are chess sets made of wood and chess sets made of marble or even chess sets made of glass.  Each variation brings something different to the set and creates its own feel for the game.  In this article we will go over wood, marble, and glass chess sets.  

Wood chess sets are most often made out of rosewood this is because the tree is very common.  Rosewood is a high quality wood which creates a very beautiful and stylish chess set.  These wooden sets are very popular among players, because it has real beauty and they can enjoy the feel and weight of the chess pieces.  You can also find wooden chess sets made from ebony, and these types of sets are easy to maintain, but are very expensive.  With the many options of wood sets available you can find one that fits your personality and it will become something you cherish for a very long time.

Marble sets can only be made one way out of marble and onyx. You can only find two places that make chess sets out of marble Pakistan and Mexico.  The Pakistani set is carved in a Staunton style and is very traditional.  The Mexican set will be carved unique to the style of the area it was made.  The sets that come in from Pakistan are more expensive mainly because of the shipping cost associated with the board.

The last type of chess set is made out of glass.  There are many different types of glass sets to choose between and all are beautiful in there own way.  Glass sets are blown, solid, and frosted glass.  The hollow blown glass is very fragile and the solid glass sets are very durable.  The frosted glass is full of color which makes them more appealing to the eye.  You can find a great looking glass set that will become a prized possession for a long time.

In conclusion, chess sets are made of wood, marble, and glass. In this article, we looked at the types of wooden carved sets. We spoke about which country to choose a marble set. Finally, we focused on the different types of glass sets. I hope this article helped give you a better picture of the right kind of Chess set to purchase. This information should help you decide the best chess set.

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Chess sets come in all kinds of colors and styles

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Chess sets come in all kinds of colors and styles

This article was published on 2012/03/26